An Acquintance

going through my pile of cards and sticky notes given by V, it gave me sadness.. not because i was in love with her or envy her (and i know i wun envy her in this lifetime) but because of the memories that reminded me of our friendship. strangely and i don’t know how our friendship has became acquintances. and coincidentally, my vr gd gf M knew V as well… wad a link i must say.. V is the gf of B (M’s husband’s colleague) – so confusing right? latest updates about V are always from M and needless to say the world’s reknown technology – FB. and not forgetting her  showout comments… DUH (wants the whole wide world to know kind of thing).

Photos of V have always saddened me and i was very very tempted to delete her from FB.. there is always a saying that goes “Friendship is just like a relationship, it needs 2 hands to clap” but i dun see it between me and V. me trying to connect back to the friendship after she gets back from australia but i guess its a one-sided affair (and you know i hate being a 1-sided thingy).

M says she has changed alot (being boastful with her luxe and comparing this and that with M, and so yearning for “THE PROPOSAL” to happen). If i did not remember wrongly, since last year her a few of her FB shoutout comments were – “V is waiting for the day to arrive”, “V is tired of waiting for that day” etc… now she has it and i believe she is so HAPPY about it that she has to post photos of fake roses and heart balloons with the Destinee ring… DUH… and yes there are talks between me and M that V looks funny (my husband says V’s head is too big with small mouth – not proportiate, i say her makeup is simply UGs and people said she looks like a mama-san..). V is just lucky to have fair and gd skin and being tall..

But then again that does not equates to being “PRETTY” – which i think V feels she is very pretty (keeping snapping photos of herself in dresses la, toilets la.. for what?!?!?!) still the old saying of  “Beauty comes from within” and i truely believe that..

i guess V truely needs to self-reflect! Ommmmmmmmmmmmmm….


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