A Lumix

not being an IT person myself, i did actually go to the IT show last sunday and low and behold, the crowd really amazed me! i am sure you have read on ST that they made millions of $$ from the show. i bet you many people are still wondring if the economy is really bad when results of the IT show was so good.. Not because i was deciding to get a camera for myself, i would not be there for sure..  with my bout of bad flu, i brave the crowds to view the different models of cameras and testing them out (having a budget of $400 in mind and not exceeding it). i was vr keen to get a SONY camera but the price was rather steep and it became out of my consideration list. after much rubbing through the crowds, me and hubby finally decided to get the Panasonic Lumix FS15. our friend has told us that panasonic uses the second best lenses and besides that the resolution was 12.1 megapixels!!! heehee.. price was also within budget and its $399 with 2 8GB memory card, mini tripod stand, lense cleaner and an extra original battery!!.. another great buy!! however there are not much colours to choose from, blue is not my type and black looks like a toy, so i am left with silver.. better than nothing…

now lets have a peak at my Lumix



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