clever spending or thrifty

i dunno about people these days… they say economy is bad but yet you see them buying/shopping and even travelling.. is it me being a scardy cat by not going to travel or even spend money to shop? or is it me being not clever in my spending that i don’t know where to put my money? reason for me being so pent up on such issues its because it have been accumulating between the friend and me. yes i must admit that i earn lesser compared to the friend but the friend always complains of not earning enough.. but what is enough?? nothing is enough! since knowing the friend, i always noticed that the friend has been splurging money of the husband on branded stuff.. months after months, a new branded stuff lands on friend’s lap. friend’s excuse will be “monthly anniversary gift”, “valentines gift”, “birthday gift”, or simply cos the husband is not around so thats how the gift comes along… this implies the meaning to me that only branded stuff satisfies the friend??? why cant a simple dinner at a nice, cosy cafe be a annivesary gift?? such time spent with the loved one beats nothing to a branded bag! worse of all, the friend’s house is gonna be done up by a designer not a contractor! i have asked if they have the savings for reno and how they are going to pay for furnitures and friend’s answer is “not sure on the savings” and “will be signing installments for the furnitures”.. immediately the “DIE” word came to my mind… i keep telling myself countless times that maybe friend’s husband really earns alot and their income is really vr good.. but not forgetting their monthly car loan, monthly house loan extra top up, monthly car maintainence, the precious BOSE system, monthly utilities bills (yet to start) and many more .. how much can they have at the end of every month?

i understand there is a j/a for the both of them which is good and i assume that the amount saved in the j/a is alot. the friend also wants nice furnitures (in terms of designer furnitures).. why cant a person be more humble? must the friend always want to show people that they are well to do?? no need for such things right? the friend’s character is someone who loves “FACE” alot but even by getting the best things or the nicest things, is the friend really happy? the friend likes to get proposals and expensive stuff from the husband but is it necessary? Honestly speaking, the price paid for those branded stuff are really not worth it. i know my hubby agrees with me.. we are merely on our verge of fainting whenever we calculate the friend’s commitments.. but i still keep telling myself and hubby to give the friend the benefit of doubt.

just yesterday, when the friend and I were talking that the economy now is really very bad, friend divuldge to me that the company is having wage freeze. to everyone now, wage freeze/cut is really scary and happening everywhere.. i believe everyone is on their toes now hoping this will not happen.. BUT the friend seems not perturbed by such news and friend even mentioned that in june, friend and hubby might be going for a short trip after the house is done (and even mentioned to husband not to  expensive). when i said that friend was rich, friend told me its “CLEVER SPENDING”. pls explain to me how is this clever spending? the wedding is not done, the house is about to start reno soon, the honeymoon is not gone, wouldn’t saving that bit of money for the upcoming wedding help abit or even doing up the house? i am not trying to indicate that i am jealous of the friend but yes i am not earning as much as the friend but i am talking about being realistic here. y stay so high up when there is a simple life to lead? who does not want a pretty nice house or a car or many branded goods? but can there be a guarantee that the job will stay? can there be a guarantee that there is no wage cut in the later months? what if one day the friend has to downgrade? can the friend take it? or the friend is just taking things for granted too much? *big huge sigh*

maybe its my problem is it? me being too careful with my money? me too poor in my financial planning? me being too cautious? or simply me too poor to afford?  seeing hubby working out finances yesterday, i am happy we are not taking up another loan and believe we can save more than the friend do by putting our trave plans on hold for this year. and i know 2010 would be an even better year for both of us to look forward to.



2 responses to “clever spending or thrifty

  1. Cool and real easy and interesting blog to read without even needing pictures or whatever!
    Will continue to read as your comments and thoughts track on the same wavelength as mine!

  2. thank you!!! i will try to blog as much as possible..

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