where on earth is this place?

6th June was Chris and Jen’s wedding.. Finally after 9 years!! how long is that!! Anyway, congrats to both!! As a good friend of the groom (Chris), i am very proud and happy for him..

However the venue was way too far!! their wedding was held at Seletar Country Club… where is this place? i had to nudge my hubby and ask him if we were going to the right place as our cab driver had to enter Seletar Camp in order to reach the country club! True enough, the country club is way right inside the camp.. Now i understand why the groom complained his mum was not happy with the venue. In my heart, i told myself, which parent will be happy when you have chosen such an inconvenient place for your wedding and your relatives have to travel so far and worse they are not familiar with the place! this i would not blame the groom’s mum for being unhappy about it. Best of all, they only have 1 shuttle bus at 1 timing. That does not make sense to me and now you know the reason y me and hubby took cab.

i was tasked to help out at the reception table. the name and table list was a last minute job and name list was not useful at all as it did not serve much help to search for names. there was also a ‘commotion’ about swopping seats as 1 of the gals (lynn, the bride’s ‘sister’) refused to sit alone, and hell was she daring enough to say out the names of whom were seating together in my table, not being aware that the names mentioned were around in the makeup room! (she said my name and hubby’s not knowing that we are actually looking at her). in any way, who is she to rearrange the seating arrangement?! and holy cow, she is also the arrogant MC  which me and hubby disliked. 

now come to the food and service part. service totally sucks.. your cup can be emptied for the longest time and not being filled until you have instructed the waiter/waitress to do so.. cold dish was a so-so dish, not very fantastic but ok. sharksfin was diluted and prawns were not fresh. overall flavour of food was not to my standard. when i learnt that the price of 1 table is $700+, i was wondering hotels along orchard road are also around the same price, y not have it there which is much more convenient and i think the food is so much better. well, all these were not mentioned to the groom of course, as i respect him and i am happy for him. as long as he is happy, thats all it matters.

however for the bride, she is just a mutual friend to me. most of the time, i respect the groom more that i respect her as she has very low EQ. she smsed me that night to ask if any of us knew where her butterfly pens (used to sign the guest book) were kept. i replied her sms saying that i have packed it in the box and left if under the recep table (this was the instruction given by her list before the wedding – “at 8pm, pack up of recep table and those unimportant things, put it under the recep table”). she continued to ask if it was under the table or returned to the room and i replied her its under the table as per her instructions on the list. Today i got to know that the pens belongs to her SIL. But to me, such things you have to check also. haiz.. her behaviour is just like her “good jie meis” for the wedding. 

here are 2 pictures i took with hubby at recep table while we are waiting for guest arrival.











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