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Bath Time for WG!!

something amazing about WG is that it enjoys it’s bath!!! WG gets its bath once every week which keeps its fur in good, shiny condition! 

here are some images of WG during its bath time and its final look!! 🙂

Daddy giving WG its bath.. look how WG shrunk down when its drenched in water.










WG drying itself after bath.. it loves to roll on its pink towel!










WG getting its fur blown dry!! it also enjoys this!










and finally WG’s look after bath!! so cute!! 


WG’s getting better day by day..

after several weeks with us, WG has been eating well and has already gotten used to sleeping alone in the living room (thats after hubby slept with WG for 1 week).. its favourite place is the sofa and recently one of our extra mattress cover and a grey rug i bought for it! LY has also passed us some treats which she has gotten from her friend as her friend’s dog is unable to consume it! WG loves these vege cookie treats!

Here are more images of WG lazing at home.



















looks like WG is reading the newspapers with its dad.. ha!









WG’s fave seat and position on the sofa!










One of WG’s favourite sleeping positions. 










WG loves to snuggle between the pillow & sofa.. hee hee










his favourite sleeping position on sofa..