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The Daily Puppy

its been awile since i have been logging onto The Daily Puppy website frequently. this website was introduced by my aunt (who is also a super dog lover and will do anything for the dog, too bad she does not have one as she is working and grandma does not really favour pets). The Daily Puppy features all the different puppies put up by its owners and its just so happy seeing these adorable ones.. Here is website to view daily puppies:

I shall now show you some some of my favourite puppy images! they are just so adorable and lovable making every dog lover happy!

This is Ludwig, the lovable GR. Look at how beautiful he can be!! Ludwig has a best friend called Kokus, who is a big white bunny! isn’t that sweet!!

Ludwig 1









Ludwig getting itself all dirty in its playground!

Ludwig 2















This is Colbie, a British Creme Golden Retriever GR – very rarely u see a GR with white fur! see how chubby Colbie is!!

Colbie 1











Colbie lazing under the shade to hide away from the sun!

Colbie 2







Here comes the little prince, Bosco, the mixed breed! Notice its silver-plated tag. so sophisticated!! see how chubby his paws are!

Bosco 1















Little prince posing for the camera!

Bosco 2








Now comes Phantom, the pure-bred Alaskan Malamute (another version of a Husky)! It has a discolouration on its nose which makes it all so special and unique of him! It loves oranges, enjoy long walks, chewing up its toys, eating, and sleeping. It also has full of energy and up for a nice run! His colour is so beautiful too!














Phantom must have saw something.. what is it?

phantom 2







Another pose for the camera!

phantom 3













I really thank God for creating them for us! see how lovable they can be and we mean the whole world to them. Recently news have reported that pure breeds are being abandoned in Ubin, how could such things happen? Don’t they know its a great SIN to do so? Well, i always believe in karma and these disgusting, horrible people will “get it” back one day.

May God bless all the wonderful creatures on earth!


welcome 2 WG’s world!

in the rousing and cheering crowd, Master Wu Guay (the old wise tortoise)was awaiting for the chosen one, and out of a sudden, there was an absolute silence. Master Wu Guay speaks while pointing to panda “He is the chosen ONE.. lets all applause to the chosen ONE!” Does this liner and description sounds familiar to you, if it is not, its actually from the movie –> Kungfu Panda. And its here that we got our “son” his name and abbreviation – Wu Guay (WG). or shall say its only partly from the movie. i shall tell you in more detail as we go further..

WG was an abandoned dog and was found by my FIL as it was nearly knocked down by a car.. my nephew then went over to carry it back to my MIL’s place. Later that evening, hubby told me about this dog and after having a quick dinner, we rushed over to take a look at this poor little one.. MIL told us that they were not able to keep the dog as their own family dog (Mickey) was getting territorial and it would be difficult to have WG around.. Hubby and i willingly took WG in.. for the 1st night, it was ‘sleepless in seattle”! seeing WG being so lost in my home, we allowed him into the room to sleep, as i was very sensitive to noises, i could hear his nails ticking the floor all night and it was having diarrhoea and pooed in my room, i had to get up and clean it up. not only that, WG loves to sleep on bed and would jump on our bed when it knows we are asleep, that shaken me up again.. Hubby even had to sleep with WG in the living room the next 2 nights. We were wondering if we are up to it or will it be forever that hubby needs to sleep with WG in the living room? on our wedding anniversary day we decided to call SPCA to report a lost of dog, SPCA came and took the dog. the minute i was on the way up, i started wailing out loud.. i felt so guilty (extreme) and i have not had such feeling in my life before!! we went out for our anniversary dinner to  Marmalade Pantry, having the thought of WG at the back of our minds, wondering how WG is doing? will WG understand why we do so? is WG scared as its really dark at SPCA at night? will WG find good owners to let him live happily? will WG hate/blame us? all these thoughts made both of us cried terribly over dinner and drinks.. it was also the 1st time that i have seen Hubby cried so badly.. 

5 days past, hubby looked at me with wide eyes and told me he saw SPCA’s ad in the newspaper. i sat down and ask hubby honestly if he did thought of bringing WG back, and his answer was YES, so was my answer to myself. Immediately the next day (April 2), hubby called SPCA to claim WG and he had to collect WG by 3pm. Hubby took immediate urgent 1/2 day leave and left during lunch hour to get back WG. I also accompanied hubby to get WG back. The moment we saw WG and it saw us, WG kept whining  and it recognises us!!! From den on WG was with us till today… 🙂 

Here are some photos of WG’s first days with us..

WG’s 1st night with us