Face Colours

Being always fascinated by makeup brands and products, i simply lurrrve to read about them and how to use them, ultimately how to make myself pretty!!! of course, this includes skin care and how to have fairer and better skin.. sometimes i wish i have the money to buy them all and use them (from brands like shiseido, cle de peu beaute, kose, SKII, shu uemura, chanel, dior). Recently shiseido has come up with a face and eye creator.. its really interesting see how it can be used on the face, i am really tempted to buy it.

This is how the Shiseido Maquillage Face Creator and Eye Creator look like:

Face Creator

Shiseido Face Creator

Eye Creator – Look at the various colour combi available!!!

Shiseido Eye Creator

i did ever consider getting a diploma in makeup but its rather expensive and i am also not sure if i will make full use of this diploma. the market of makeup is too saturated with top makeup artists all around. this would be good as a side line besides my daily work..

oh… are’nt they pretty!! probably i should just do my splurge again!!


clever spending or thrifty

i dunno about people these days… they say economy is bad but yet you see them buying/shopping and even travelling.. is it me being a scardy cat by not going to travel or even spend money to shop? or is it me being not clever in my spending that i don’t know where to put my money? reason for me being so pent up on such issues its because it have been accumulating between the friend and me. yes i must admit that i earn lesser compared to the friend but the friend always complains of not earning enough.. but what is enough?? nothing is enough! since knowing the friend, i always noticed that the friend has been splurging money of the husband on branded stuff.. months after months, a new branded stuff lands on friend’s lap. friend’s excuse will be “monthly anniversary gift”, “valentines gift”, “birthday gift”, or simply cos the husband is not around so thats how the gift comes along… this implies the meaning to me that only branded stuff satisfies the friend??? why cant a simple dinner at a nice, cosy cafe be a annivesary gift?? such time spent with the loved one beats nothing to a branded bag! worse of all, the friend’s house is gonna be done up by a designer not a contractor! i have asked if they have the savings for reno and how they are going to pay for furnitures and friend’s answer is “not sure on the savings” and “will be signing installments for the furnitures”.. immediately the “DIE” word came to my mind… i keep telling myself countless times that maybe friend’s husband really earns alot and their income is really vr good.. but not forgetting their monthly car loan, monthly house loan extra top up, monthly car maintainence, the precious BOSE system, monthly utilities bills (yet to start) and many more .. how much can they have at the end of every month?

i understand there is a j/a for the both of them which is good and i assume that the amount saved in the j/a is alot. the friend also wants nice furnitures (in terms of designer furnitures).. why cant a person be more humble? must the friend always want to show people that they are well to do?? no need for such things right? the friend’s character is someone who loves “FACE” alot but even by getting the best things or the nicest things, is the friend really happy? the friend likes to get proposals and expensive stuff from the husband but is it necessary? Honestly speaking, the price paid for those branded stuff are really not worth it. i know my hubby agrees with me.. we are merely on our verge of fainting whenever we calculate the friend’s commitments.. but i still keep telling myself and hubby to give the friend the benefit of doubt.

just yesterday, when the friend and I were talking that the economy now is really very bad, friend divuldge to me that the company is having wage freeze. to everyone now, wage freeze/cut is really scary and happening everywhere.. i believe everyone is on their toes now hoping this will not happen.. BUT the friend seems not perturbed by such news and friend even mentioned that in june, friend and hubby might be going for a short trip after the house is done (and even mentioned to husband not to  expensive). when i said that friend was rich, friend told me its “CLEVER SPENDING”. pls explain to me how is this clever spending? the wedding is not done, the house is about to start reno soon, the honeymoon is not gone, wouldn’t saving that bit of money for the upcoming wedding help abit or even doing up the house? i am not trying to indicate that i am jealous of the friend but yes i am not earning as much as the friend but i am talking about being realistic here. y stay so high up when there is a simple life to lead? who does not want a pretty nice house or a car or many branded goods? but can there be a guarantee that the job will stay? can there be a guarantee that there is no wage cut in the later months? what if one day the friend has to downgrade? can the friend take it? or the friend is just taking things for granted too much? *big huge sigh*

maybe its my problem is it? me being too careful with my money? me too poor in my financial planning? me being too cautious? or simply me too poor to afford?  seeing hubby working out finances yesterday, i am happy we are not taking up another loan and believe we can save more than the friend do by putting our trave plans on hold for this year. and i know 2010 would be an even better year for both of us to look forward to.


A Lumix

not being an IT person myself, i did actually go to the IT show last sunday and low and behold, the crowd really amazed me! i am sure you have read on ST that they made millions of $$ from the show. i bet you many people are still wondring if the economy is really bad when results of the IT show was so good.. Not because i was deciding to get a camera for myself, i would not be there for sure..  with my bout of bad flu, i brave the crowds to view the different models of cameras and testing them out (having a budget of $400 in mind and not exceeding it). i was vr keen to get a SONY camera but the price was rather steep and it became out of my consideration list. after much rubbing through the crowds, me and hubby finally decided to get the Panasonic Lumix FS15. our friend has told us that panasonic uses the second best lenses and besides that the resolution was 12.1 megapixels!!! heehee.. price was also within budget and its $399 with 2 8GB memory card, mini tripod stand, lense cleaner and an extra original battery!!.. another great buy!! however there are not much colours to choose from, blue is not my type and black looks like a toy, so i am left with silver.. better than nothing…

now lets have a peak at my Lumix


An Acquintance

going through my pile of cards and sticky notes given by V, it gave me sadness.. not because i was in love with her or envy her (and i know i wun envy her in this lifetime) but because of the memories that reminded me of our friendship. strangely and i don’t know how our friendship has became acquintances. and coincidentally, my vr gd gf M knew V as well… wad a link i must say.. V is the gf of B (M’s husband’s colleague) – so confusing right? latest updates about V are always from M and needless to say the world’s reknown technology – FB. and not forgetting her  showout comments… DUH (wants the whole wide world to know kind of thing).

Photos of V have always saddened me and i was very very tempted to delete her from FB.. there is always a saying that goes “Friendship is just like a relationship, it needs 2 hands to clap” but i dun see it between me and V. me trying to connect back to the friendship after she gets back from australia but i guess its a one-sided affair (and you know i hate being a 1-sided thingy).

M says she has changed alot (being boastful with her luxe and comparing this and that with M, and so yearning for “THE PROPOSAL” to happen). If i did not remember wrongly, since last year her a few of her FB shoutout comments were – “V is waiting for the day to arrive”, “V is tired of waiting for that day” etc… now she has it and i believe she is so HAPPY about it that she has to post photos of fake roses and heart balloons with the Destinee ring… DUH… and yes there are talks between me and M that V looks funny (my husband says V’s head is too big with small mouth – not proportiate, i say her makeup is simply UGs and people said she looks like a mama-san..). V is just lucky to have fair and gd skin and being tall..

But then again that does not equates to being “PRETTY” – which i think V feels she is very pretty (keeping snapping photos of herself in dresses la, toilets la.. for what?!?!?!) still the old saying of  “Beauty comes from within” and i truely believe that..

i guess V truely needs to self-reflect! Ommmmmmmmmmmmmm….

finally got my luxe!

ok i know… its a few months since i got my 2 luxe but i have to say its really a big buy for me.. i know for some it might not but to me its like a “love things” of my life.. always dreaming and envying pple having nice bags, now i finally get the chance to have one myself. it was also a time to change my cracked-skin braun buffel wallet.. being so season till its skin has been peeling *awww, poor thing*..  here’s a peek at my luxe bag..


enough of drooling over my luxe and there goes the bonus.. but at least i know these are gonna stay with me for a long long time… i was actually tempted to buy another one but i guess till the next time or don’t know when.. have a good weekend everyone, off to mum’s home for the weekend!!